No New Year Resolutions!

It’s time for a revolution in your life instead

Tired of being told to make New Year Resolutions for a NEW YOU because apparently the current you is shabby, flabby and a little bit wrecked?

Then the Life by Design, not Default programme is for you.

Because there’s nothing wrong with you!  You are great.  YOU are lovely.

It’s the expectations, overwhelm, guilt, social stress, perfectionist bullshit, time-poor, pressure-heavy life that needs a kick up the arse. .

So this January, instead of more New Year Resolutions to beat yourself up with, learn how to DESIGN your life, create a PLAN for living with intent, and feel UNSTUCK, unleashed and UNSTOPPABLE.

Imagine being able to put on a pair of (metaphorical) glasses so you can see where you’re going, plan the route, and take over the controls so that you can stop living a default life, and start living a designed life? A life designed by you. 

You can. 

Grab your life by the horns, and join me for my Life by Design, not Default programme starting January 7th, 2020 for three life-changing, game-changing sessions. 

  1. Group coaching session in The Mayfield, Terenure, 10.30am-12pm, Tuesday 7th January
  2. Group coaching session online webinar, 10.30am-12pm, Tuesday 14th January
  3. Individual coaching session, week of 20th January.

For just €275 you get:

#1 – Three brain-bursting sessions

  • one as a group (discovery)
  • one online as a webinar (design)
  • and one individual in person with me (delivery… how you start living your life today, develop / eradicate the habits that will help / hinder you etc)
  • plus homework (that doesn’t involve a hoover).

#2 – An overview of your life – where’s at all, all the good, the bad, and the stressful so you know what your starting block is.  This is mind-blowing. I’ll take you through some simple steps and you’ll suddenly get a helicopter view of your life, and from there know where you want to make changes, enhance, improve, reduce etc. It will seem so obvious when it’s done, yet so many of us never take the time to invest in doing it.

#3 – Discover the weapons in your armoury (or to be less violent, the tools in your toolbox, or the equipment in your backpack that will help you on your path) – your strengths, your values, your resources, your triggers, the boulders you carry around, like self-doubt, that we need to take out of the backpack.

#4 – Knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to. With relish and no guilt.

#5 – A compass or a pair of mental glasses so you can see clearly

#6 – A Plan. Written for you, by you.

#7 – Your own Journal and folder (for that non-hoovering homework).

Whether it’s lifestyle, relationships, diet, weight, fitness, career, parenting, ageing, mid-life malaise, this investment of time and intent will give you the gears you need to feel like you’re finally in the driving seat of your life.

Email me now to Learn how to DESIGN your life, create a PLAN for living with intent, and feel UNSTUCK, unleashed and UNSTOPPABLE.

You can read here why I think Resolutions are not just a waste of time, but actually damaging.

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