We only have one life..

Mid-life can be one of it’s most hectic times, living in the full-on depths of career and family mayhem, with the challenges of change thrown in for good measure. 

[Queue dreamy music….]

You’ve followed all the signposts and ticked all the boxes and your life looks perfect (on social media anyway). Great job or home life, wonderful family, your cape flaps in the wind as you take Wonder Woman leaps from one spinning plate to the next, all while smiling sexily and being the best partner, parent, colleague, friend, daughter, sister, meal planner, pilates-toned, career winning kick-ass team player and leader in the world. 

[Dreamy music abruptly ends, replaced by the screeches of children fighting, car horns hooting, lists with jaws snapping at your ankles, and a manic scream that takes a moment to realise is yours.]

Sound familiar? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and undervalued?

Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut? 

Is life moving too fast?

Do you have ambitions but feel you are constantly running on empty? 


Bring back the dreamy music, because it is possible to overcome the overwhelm, to reboot and reenergise, and to find a way of living a life you have designed; a life of passion, purpose and potential. 

Living life well means not just trying to see the wood for the tress, but being able to appreciate the sun glinting on the leaves. 

Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow and be in control of your life.

Imagine if you could breath and have the space to think and dream. 

Imagine living a life you love. 

You don’t have to imagine. 

I will help you;
  • realise you can switch off autopilot and get in the driving seat.
  • learn how to manage your life to suit you, rather than constantly feeling your life is managing you.
  • discover how to embrace your life, and take charge of change.
  • design a life based on the things that give you energy and purpose, creating a roadmap for a life you love.

Ready to get started?


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Alana Kirk

Coach, Author & Speaker

As The MidLife Coach, I work with women to help them live their lives to the fullest, overcome overwhelm, and discover their potential.

Alana Kirk


Happy clients

Noreen Murphy
Bed Manager Nurse, St Lukes Hospital

Thank you so much. I have enjoyed every minute of being coached by you. I instantly warmed to you, and within half an hour I knew that this was going to be something amazing. Genuine warmth, goodness and empathy radiates from you, actively listening and being totally engaged while gently guiding me to find answers inside myself I didn't know where there. Thank you so much for energising me, and helping me to recognise and value my strengths again. You are a great coach and I will definitely be recommending you.

Marian Richardson
RTE Radio presenter

I benefited hugely from my four coaching sessions with Alana Kirk. Her style is fast paced and her approach to goal setting… and designing actions with me meant I made progress quickly. She’s also a great listener and drilled down into my comments which made me question my beliefs and actions more profoundly. I felt very comfortable around her and the sessions worked for me. I would highly recommend Alana Kirk if you are feeling stuck or need to get clear on the big life or career issues.

“The old-fashioned notion that women of a certain age retreat into the background, desexualised and irrelevant once the breeding years are done, is no longer borne out in real life.”

Alana Kirk, MidLife Coach