Between You & Me.

With Marie & Alana

Between You & Me is the podcast for fabulous (but maybe slightly frazzled!) women who want to take charge of their lives. Because let’s face it – we’d all love to press pause on life to get our shit together!

Co-hosted by me and journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale

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  • 4: Gratitude February 19, 2020
    It feels great and it keeps you healthy. Actually gratitude work is one of the most effective ways to increase happiness and study after study has found solid links between higher levels of gratitude and wellbeing, including protection from stress and depression, more fulfilling relationships, better sleep and greater resilience.  That is a lot of […]
  • 3: People Pleasing February 5, 2020
    Today's episode is about inoculating ourselves from the terrible affliction that has beset many of us.... and no, you won't need a vaccine or a face mask. The infection we're discussing is the painful, damaging disease of People Pleasing.  As the grown up child of the Good Girl Syndrome, the belief that we have to […]
  • 2: Wake Up and Sleep! January 22, 2020
    We talk incessantly about the lack of it, yearn for it, sabotage it, would pay a fortune for it, underestimate it, and even (weirdly) dream of it; a good night's sleep.  Sleep has become a currency we just can't seem to get rich in as we juggle busy lives, screens and responsibilities. How did something […]


Meet the Hosts.

Alana Kirk

Coach, Author & Speaker

As The MidLife Coach, I work with women to help them live their lives to the fullest, overcome overwhelm, and discover their potential.

Alana Kirk

Maria McHale.

Journalist & NLP coach

As well as a for helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses she has extensive experience as a journalist, content creator and business mentor.