Between You & Me.

With Marie & Alana

Between You & Me is the podcast for fabulous (but maybe slightly frazzled!) women who want to take charge of their lives. Because let’s face it – we’d all love to press pause on life to get our shit together!

Co-hosted by me and journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale

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  • 7: Learning to Get Comfortable with Discomfort April 1, 2020
    While this podcast was recorded just prior to the current (very uncomfortable, for most) Covid challenges, it couldn't be more relevant.  Most of us are all now feeling discomfort on many levels, and there just may not be enough wine left in the house to deal with them. Thankfully, we have a better (and healthier) […]
  • 6: What to do when it all goes to s**t March 18, 2020
    As if any of us need reminding right now that for all the best laid plans in the world, life can throw you a curve ball.  In this podcast, we explore how to handle situations that didn't go according to plan, and explain useful techniques to help you catch those curveballs, rather than stand frozen […]
  • 5: International Women's Day March 4, 2020
    We think every day should be a day to celebrate women, but this Sunday, the whole world joins in to recognise what still needs to be done to achieve gender equality, but also to recognise women's wonderfulness. This episode is a personal perusal of some of the women who have inspired us, role-modelled for us […]


Meet the Hosts.

Alana Kirk

Coach, Author & Speaker

As The MidLife Coach, I work with women to help them live their lives to the fullest, overcome overwhelm, and discover their potential.

Alana Kirk

Maria McHale.

Journalist & NLP coach

As well as a for helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses she has extensive experience as a journalist, content creator and business mentor.