Finding your mojo

This is my dog Mojo. Myself and my three young daughters named him that when we collected him from the Dogs Trust two years ago, because we knew he was going to bring much needed energy into our little family, after it had been fractured by my unexpected separation from my husband.

It’s so easy to lose our mojo in the mayhem of life, as we juggle jobs, navigate care needs, meet expectations, and try not to fall down with the exhaustion of it all, face first in a bag of Doritos (or is that just me?)

Often, we forget to enjoy living our lives because we emigrated to Land Overwhelm and can’t get a flight home. The good news is, we don’t need to adopt a dog to bring energy back into our lives (although it is a great option!). We just have to realise we have a choice where we invest our energy.  The great thing about coaching, is that it’s like shining a torch into a dark room, which means not only do you stop bruising your shins by walking into furniture, you can see how you want to rearrange the furniture.  Turning on the (energy saving) light is all it takes.

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